Komandoo Instructors share their favourite dive sites – Part Three: David

06 Nov 2017

Scuba Diving Maldives

A lot of people wear a suit to the office and David, one of Komandoo’s Dive Instructors, is no different…but his suit is a wetsuit and his office is the ocean! David dives the warm, crystal clear waters of the Maldives every day and the dive sites of the Lhaviyani Atoll never cease to amaze him. Guests often ask the instructors ‘which is the best site?’ and for this there is no definitive answer – it’s down to personal preferences and here David shares his thoughts…

What’s your favourite dive site and why?
“I’d like to say ‘all of them’ but, if I have to nominate just one dive site as my absolute favourite it has got to be KFFC Crossing. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a challenging deep dive with a raging current. You’re dropped at one side of the channel – Peak or Kahlifushifaru Corner and then, rather than going with the current and following the reef inside the channel, you cross the channel instead. It’s an excellent channel crossing on a scooter! The ledge, where the relatively shallow atoll floor drops off to the open ocean is where the action is. There are schooling eagle rays, which I love, and mobula rays. It was on a dive here that I first experienced so many sharks on one dive!! Only to see the size of the silver tips and lemon sharks is impressive. Then there are gatherings of grey reef sharks, which always really blows my mind. That’s why I love this site.” – David

We’ve heard from Marek, Steffi and now David and it’s clear that they all love the diving on the sites around Komandoo. To be in the water, diving the sites every day, and still be passionate about them is what characterises the Prodivers instructors, that enthusiasm and excitement is infectious, and be warned – there’s no cure!

In the final part of the series Sally will spill the beans on her favourite site, which one will it be? The answer will be revealed in two weeks.