Instructor Diaries – Mike, the Family Guy

14 Jan 2012

Before those of you who know Mike have a small heart attack and fear he has gone and decided to start a family, don’t worry, he hasn’t… as far as we know. We are merely referring to his irritating habit of copying Peter Griffins (of Family Guy fame) laugh. This is annoying for two reasons: first it is an annoying laugh. Second, it’s incredibly catchy and if you enter the dive centre, or perhaps, even more worryingly, join us  on a dive you are more likely to hear the Nehehehe… than any other sound (or at least see a stream of uncontrolled bubbles rise from our instructors regulators).

This may seem an unusual way of starting the second entry for our instructor journals; however Mike is nothing if not unusual, so it seems fitting. When we last left Mike he had embarked on a new course after a stint at the counter in the dive centre. We are pleased to report that his course was successful, not only did his students  survive his tuitions, but they passed and we are able to welcome  new certified divers. Congratulations, Therese, Marie and Ulf!

Diving Instructors Kuredu Maldives

Seeing new divers grasp the basics and make those first few fin strokes into the underwater world can be very satisfying for an instructor, and Mike in no expecption. So much so that he has chosen to take another Open Water course straight after this, so as not to let his teaching skills wane. We are sure his students are receiving a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and anecdotes that Mike has to offer (whether they like it or not), and hopefully some diving tuition as well.

Outside of the diving, it has been a week of quiet social gatherings with tales of our past lives, and speculating on future ones. Mike awaits the arrival of an old army friend, and passes the time playing cards. But everyone beats him. Even Raph. And he’s French… Nehehehhe!

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