Instructor Diaries: Mr September

07 Sep 2012

Meet Sebastjan, in fact many of you already have. Seb has been with Prodivers for a couple of years now and has just returned for his 3rd. As one of our more experienced instructors over the last few years he would have taken many of you out on the boats, on our full day trips or introduced you to the world of diving in our lagoon.

As well as diving Seb has been one of the main driving forces behind the technology of the dive centre – helping design our touch screen system, our websites and promotional material that is often displayed at the dive shows around Europe.

This month is also IDC month, and as has been the way for the last few years he will be joining Ute and Miha (the course directors) in helping run the course for the new potential instructors, which this year includes 3 of our own, Jenna, Karola and Swen all of whom are busy finishing their Divemaster courses and starting their AI’s with Seb who hopes to have them all ready for 17th when the real challenge will begin.

IDC month is always a bit of a hectic one for Mr September, and we will look to keep you up to date with his goings on over the next few weeks.

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