Instructor Diaries: September Continued

21 Sep 2012

As we pass the half way point of September Sebastjan is having a busy month. Much of the time over the last week has been dedicated to getting our three in house instructor candidates (Swen, Jenna and Karola) through there Assistant Instructor course in time to join the IDC proper this weekend. This has involved long hours in the class room, lagoon and in the evenings reviewing there progress.

However he has, as always been successful and managed to make them ready… only to realise that with our snorkel team out of action there’s a gap which needs filling guiding the snorkel boats so today Mr September finds himself at the helm of our full day snorkel trip, hoping to find manta rays, and at least offer a great day out for our guests.

When not working its still pretty hard to get Seb away form the water and often – when we have a little wind you will find him spending the last few hours of daylight after work windsurfing in our lagoon,  enjoying a moments peace from the hectic dive center lifestyle.