Instructor Diaries – Captured Moments

08 Feb 2012

Having introduced you to Alex last week we felt it was time to update you on her latest escapades. This week she has continued to lead the charge with our boat dives taking out numerous two tank dive trips between her busy schedule of windsurfing, table tennis and acting as a panicked diver for a staff rescue course.

The two tank diving trips are often a must-do for many of our diving guests, eager to experience all our atoll has to offer. Taken into account weather conditions and expected currents, the sites can be chosen based on divers’ preferences, experience and the two tank dives are aimed at showing our divers a wide range of our diving possibilities – and all before lunch!

This week one of Alex’s highlights was our Photo 2 tank, a dive trip designed especially for those of our guests wanting to capture their underwater memories at a more leisurely pace. The Photo 2 Tanks also acted as a great reminder that although our atoll has lots of adrenalin junky, strong currents and big fish dives we still have our fair share of coral life, macro subjects and stunning underwater environments to be enjoyed.

Apart from doing two great dives before lunch, the other advantage of our two tanks is that the instructors then often get the afternoon off, giving Alex plenty of time to rest and relax, perfect her windsurfing and paddleboarding skills. And more importantly – it gives her a bit time from Simon who should perhaps hold back on the threats to the authors in case he becomes Mr March.

We witnessed a cute act of making up between Alex and Mike the other day. He slowly seems to be overcoming the unpleasant feeling of being left out from the instructor diaries and the huge publicity that comes with it. He now spends his time making big bets on healthy lifestyle topics with Dave, although the only thing they seem to be doing is looking for loopholes. So far so good!

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