Instructor Diaries: Hannah

06 Dec 2012

For the next installment of the Instructor Diaries Series we would like to introduce Hannah. Hannah has been part of the Prodivers Team for over 2 years now, and many of you will know her as the Island Nurse. However Following her successful completion of the PADI IDC last April during this summer she made the transition from Nurse to Instructor and now can be often found walking around the DC in PD orange.

Over the last week she has been joining Darren on a number of dive boats to learn how to guide and read some of our more complicated dive sites. Already being based out here for a while Hannah is familiar is most of our sites but diving them for fun and guiding students and guests are two very different types of diving, and these training dives are designed to get Hannah comfortable on all our sites so that she can guide through our busy high season.

It is not always easy knowing where to check the currents and being able to predict how they and the weather may both impact and dive and change throughout the dive in what can be a very dynamic dive environment. So far however Hannah has risen to the challenge and seems to be enjoying her and the opportunity to get to explore our Atoll.