Top 5 Dive Sites at Innahura Maldives

15 Jun 2019

One of the best things about scuba diving at Innahura Maldives is the excitement of discovering new reefs to dive and the team are building a fantastic collection of dive sites full of life – check out their top 5 dive sites….

Schooling fusiliers Maldives diving

Kuda Mas Thila
A small, round, underwater island rich with coral formations and fish life. Gently sloping sides lead from the shallow top reef to a sandy bottom at 18 meters where butterfly fish, colorful jewel groupers, bannerfish, oriental sweetlips and schools of blue-striped snappers can be found. Thousands of yellow-back and neon fusiliers can be seen darting in from the blue water to seek shelter from the hunting jackfish and tuna. Full of macro life including shrimps, crabs and nudibranchs, this site is great for critter seekers and photographers.

Shark dive Maldives

Meyyafushi Kandu
The perfect channel for crossing – not too wide and can be dived with or without an underwater scooter. A breathtaking concentration of bannerfish can be seen hanging around at the Meyyafushi side. Formations of eagle rays, families of grey reef sharks, occasional appearances of silvertip sharks and lemon sharks, schools of jackfish, batfish and barracudas reward divers crossing the channel with stingrays on the sandy bottom along the way. With the right conditions, this is an exhilarating dive that you will not forget in a hurry!

Maldives Snappers

Faadho Corner
The beautiful overhangs along the outer reef section of this dive site are often used as resting places by nurse sharks and stingrays. Grey reef sharks, tuna and Napoleon wrasse can be seen passing by and a large coral block surrounded by a huge school of humpback snappers can all be seen before reaching the corner. The corner itself and inner reef give rise to eagle rays, huge numbers of colourful fusiliers, honeycomb morays, vibrant corals as well as carpet anemones with resident porcelain crabs.

Sting ray Maldives

Madifaru South
An outer reef full of variation and life! Stingrays seem to pose for divers’ cameras on the white sandy bottom while nurse sharks take naps under coral blocks. Schools of eagle rays, as well as tuna and Napoleon wrasse, can be seen swimming by in the blue with clouds of neon fusiliers dashing in to swim around the reef in a dazzling display. Hundreds of midnight and humpback snappers are resident here, making for a very colourful dive. The reef is also regularly visited by inquisitive hawksbill turtles.

Turtle Rock
The name says it all – this pinnacle formation
 seems to be the perfect resting place for dozens of hawksbill turtles. It’s not just about the turtles though, many nurse sharks and stingrays are also seen here. The wide, sloping outer reef has some very large coral blocks with lionfish, honeycomb moray eels and lobsters. Divers are often accompanied by a cloud of curious batfish so be sure to have a camera ready! Red snappers, oriental sweetlips and bannerfish also live on this spectacular dive site and In the blue water barracuda, tuna and jackfish can be spotted passing by.

The team at Innahura are looking forward to diving these sites with you!