Dive sites

#32 Theluveligaa South

Suitable for:

All experience levels


3m top reef, dropping down to 30m

Expect to see:

Stag horn corals, table corals, sponges and giant clams, nudibranches and lobster.

Time from Lily Beach:

30 minutes


A very easy dive site, located next to the little island of Theluveligaa in the inside of the atoll, protected from strong currents. It is a wonderful coral garden, full of newly grown hard corals, you will be amazed by the beautiful stag horn and table corals here. There are also sponges and giant clams in all colours. Amidst the corals you will discover all kinds of small fish, nudibranches and, if you are lucky, even lobster. Out in the blue anything is possible, such as white tip reef sharks, an eagle ray or a manta mobula.