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Sailing, swimming, scuba diving, or simply being at a coastline - 'this is where I feel most comfortable and happy'

Lynn is always happiest by the sea. Whether it’s sailing, swimming, scuba diving, or simply being at a coastline – this is where she feels most comfortable and happy. Becoming a dive instructor was a huge step for her to engage even more in the underwater world and sharing her passion for the marine environment with students. As much as she enjoyed being a dive instructor and working all over the world, Lynn realized that she needed better “tools” in order to help protect what she loves so much. So she decided to go back to university, she graduated with an MSc in Environment & Resource Management. The interdisciplinary approach of these studies helped her to better understand how important it is that representatives from various fields work together in order to mitigate coral reef degradation, overfishing, and the decline of marine megafauna populations. The challenge of bringing people from different sectors to the table to discuss and pursue a more sustainable tourism is what drives and motivates her. Working as a Manta Trust representative and marine biologist is an absolute dream job for Lynn. She is proud to be part of a team that not only cares about manta rays and the marine environment as much as she does but also understands their value and importance.