Dive sites

#47 Mushimasmingili Thila

Also known as:

Fish Head

Suitable for:

Intermediate level


10m descending to 30m

Expect to see:

Napoleon wrasse, grey and white tip reef sharks, schooling fish, batfish, trevallies, tuna and fusiliers

Time from Lily Beach:

150 minutes


This marine protected dive site is 2 hours away and enjoyed on full day trips. A very curious napoleon wrasse lives here, but the real kings of the reef are the grey and white tip reef sharks. You can be totally surrounded by schooling fish and batfish. It is also possible to see bigger fishes like trevallies and tuna hunting the fusiliers. It’s a very beautiful dive site, covered in brown plate anemones, pretty overhang formations, abundant fish life and definitely deserves a two-tank dive! A real highlight of the Ari Atoll!