Dive sites

#42 Hiyama Thila

Suitable for:

All experience levels


5m top reef, sloping down to 30m

Expect to see:

Banner fish, batfish, barracuda, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, big-eye snappers, lobsters, thornback boxfish, flying gurnard, octopus and turtles.

Time from Lily Beach:

40 minutes


With the top reef at 5m and gentle slopes as well as steep walls this is an ideal site for all levels of divers. You will certainly find plenty of fish! Once in the water you will be surrounded by banner fish and curious batfish following the divers. Next is a school of small barracudas and a good chance of seeing white tip reef sharks. Grey reef sharks also call this reef their home, though they are shy so are not seen every time. The overhangs on the east side give shelter to big-eye snappers and lobsters and the rare thornback boxfish and flying gurnard. On the top reef you can find a lot of shells as well as octopus and turtles.