Dive sites

#38 Vilamendhoo Thila

Suitable for:

Experienced divers


From 10m descending down to 30m and beyond, maximum dive depth 30m

Expect to see:

Sea fans, batfish, fusiliers, snappers, reef sharks and eagle rays and mantas in season

Time from Lily Beach:

15 minutes


On the eastern side of our neighbouring island is this narrow thila running north to south. On the west side is a steep drop-off with caves and overhangs from 10-25m. The eastern side is less steep and drops off towards the outer atoll providing some interesting caves and overhangs. There are many large sea fans and plenty of fish including batfish, fusiliers and snappers. The corals on the top reef are very nice and provide the fish with shelter from the current. Reef sharks and eagle rays are regular visitors. Mantas and occasionally whale sharks are also seen in this area. With a stronger current this site can be demanding.