Dive Sites

#37 Maagiri South

Suitable for:

All experiences


5m top reef descending to 27m

Expect to see:

Blue-striped snappers, oriental sweet lips, schooling banner fish, neon fusiliers, anemones, clown fish, stingrays, honeycomb morays, napoleons and tuna

Time from Kuredu:

25 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

35 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

20 minutes


Maagiri South is a submerged reef which lies in the channel and is subjected to the currents flowing in and out of the atoll. At the point where the current hits the giri there is an extraordinarily high concentration of fish life. Big schools of blue-striped snappers, oriental sweet lips and schooling banner fish gather at the split point, while neon fusiliers swarm all around. There is a large outcrop covered in anemones, which are full of clown fish. Along the south side of the dive site, there are overhangs in the wall where you can usually find sleeping stingrays and honeycomb morays. Always keep an eye out for napoleons and tuna cruising past in the blue.