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#30 Noo Giri

Also known as:

Fanhamas Thila

Suitable for:

All experiences


3m top reef, descending to 30m

Expect to see:

Disc anemones, black coral trees, glass fish, cleaner wrasse, cleaner shrimps, moray eels, nudibranches, scorpion fish, lion fish, fusiliers and banner fish

Time from Vakarufalhi:

35 minutes

Time from Lily Beach:

15 minutes


Noo Giri is a very shallow reef starting at just three metres. As the reef slopes down, overhangs can be found right the way down to the sandy bottom at 30 metres. Noo Giri is covered in disc anemones and black coral trees. Smaller crevices on the reef are often cleaner stations covered in glass fish. Look for cleaner wrasse and different kind of cleaner shrimp behind the glass fish. Moray eels, nudibranches, scorpion fish and big lion fish can be found in the overhangs, fusiliers and banner fish surround the reef.