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#28 Kuda Giri

Suitable for:

All experiences


3m top reef dropping down to 20m close to the bottom of the giri

Expect to see:

Moray eels, gobies, partner shrimps, green turtles and scorpion fish

Time from Kuredu:

10 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

30 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

10 minutes


Kuda Giri is a small underwater island, which has areas of walls and sandy slopes. Along the walls there are small overhangs with moray eels hiding inside. There are coral blocks situated on the sandy slopes and around these you can find gobies with their partner shrimps. The shrimps are responsible for digging the burrows and keeping them clean while the gobies stand guard at the entrance, signalling if it is safe for the shrimp to come out to dump sand! You can often find a green turtle on the top reef along with scorpion fish. There are some very nice coral blocks and large table corals on the top of the giri.