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#27 Bodu Giri

Suitable for:

All experiences


3m top reef sloping down to 20m

Expect to see:

Butterfly fish, coral groupers, moorish idols, oriental sweet lips, blue-striped snappers, yellow-back and neon fusiliers, blue-fin jacks, tuna, painted rock lobsters, napoleon wrasse and big-nose unicorn fish

Time from Kuredu:

5 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

25 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

7 minutes


Bodu Giri is a big, shallow underwater island protected from strong currents, and offering an abundance of schooling fish and coral growth. Butterfly fish, brightly coloured coral groupers, moorish idols, oriental sweet lips and schools of blue-striped snappers can be found in large numbers across the length of the reef. Thousands of yellow-back and neon fusiliers can be seen coming from the blue water to the reef for protection from the blue-fin jacks and tuna which are often seen hunting them. Painted rock lobsters hide under the coral blocks and big napoleon wrasse cruise by to check you out. Look above your head for the big-nose unicorn fish playing in your bubbles!