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#26 Tinga Giri

Suitable for:

All experiences


3m top reef reaching 28m where the giri reaches the atoll floor

Expect to see:

Painted rock lobsters, ribbon eel, ornate ghost pipefish, clown fish and glassfish

Time from Kuredu:

10 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

20 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

5 minutes


Tinga Giri is a submerged reef offering an abundance of fish life in a sheltered location. Large coral blocks on the top reef drop away at the edge of the reef down to the sandy bottom at 25 metres. A large cave provides sanctuary to numerous painted rock lobsters (at night the lobsters venture outside the cave making for interesting viewing). Next to the cave is a small overhang, which is home to a ribbon eel and at certain times of the year, the ornate ghost pipefish. The reef teems with clown fish living in different types of anemones. Along the deeper parts of the reef there are some more large coral blocks surrounded by glassfish. A very colourful dive, full with fish and great for both photography and video.