Dive Sites

#24 Latheef

Suitable for:

All experiences


5m top reef dropping down to 30m and beyond, maximum dive depth 30m

Expect to see:

Soft corals, leopard sharks, nudibranches, shrimps, moray eels, green turtles and bat fish

Time from Kuredu:

25 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

30 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

5 minutes


Latheef reef has a spectacular formation with a very steep drop-off with some large caves and overhangs. The ceilings of the caves are covered in brightly coloured soft corals - bright blue and purple in the deeper caves and bright yellow in the shallower ones. The sandy bottoms of the deeper caves offer the chance to find leopard sharks resting. Spend a lot of time inside the caves as you can find unusual nudibranches, shrimps and moray eels. Green turtles and a large school of bat fish are also usually seen. Occasionally the large hump head parrot fish has been spotted feeding here.