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#24 Kudhimaa Wreck

Suitable for:

Intermediate level


12m descending to 30m

Expect to see:

Bat fish, puffer fish, box fish, lion fish, sponges, sea squirts and corals

Time from Vakarufalhi:

10 minutes

Time from Lily Beach:

40 minutes


Kudhimaa Wreck is a medium sized steel wreck lying very close to the Machafushi house reef. The wreck was purposely sunk in 1998 to provide divers visiting the South Ari Atoll with a wreck. The wreck itself has easy access to the cargo holds on both sides. On and around the shipwreck you can find a school of bat fish, some puffer fish, box fish and the customary large lion fish. Needless to say, the wreck is bursting with macro subjects for budding photographers and film makers. One interesting feature of the wreck is the competition for space that has sprung up on the surface itself. Algae, sponges, sea squirts and corals are all fighting for that valuable piece of metal to start their growth from.