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#23 Dhangethi Beru

Also known as:

Dhangethi Outside

Suitable for:

All experiences


6m - 30m

Expect to see:

Fusiliers, puffer fish, moray eel, lion fish, nudibranches, eagle rays, turtles and napoleon wrasse

Time from Vakarufalhi:

30 minutes

Time from Lily Beach:

25 minutes


Dhangethi Beru is a sloping outer reef that starts at about seven metres. As you descend, some small overhangs appear at around 20 metres, that are often full glass fish. Schools of fusiliers can be seen cruising by in the blue water, while puffer fish, porcupine fish, moray eels, lion fish and nudibranches can be found on the reef itself. Keep an eye out as well as for eagle rays, turtles and napoleons.