Dive Sites

#2 Christmas Rock

Suitable for:

Intermediate level


3m top reef, top of the thila 14m, dropping down to 30m and beyond, maximum dive depth 30m

Expect to see:

White tip reef sharks, stingrays, blue striped snappers, nudibranches, morays and shrimps

Full Day Trip

Please ask at the dive centre for details of the next trip


A stunningly spectacular reef formation shaped like a Christmas tree - a dive site you will never forget! This bizzarely shaped reef will impress you with its stunning colours and a variety of marine life on display: from white tip reef sharks circumnavigating the bottom of the rock and stingrays resting in the overhangs, to resident schools of blue striped snappers and numerous nudibranches as well as other small creatures lingering on this vibrant reef.