Dive Sites

#1 Orimas Thila

Suitable for:

Advanced level


14m, dropping to 30m and beyond, maximum dive depth 30m

Expect to see:

Grey reef, leopard and guitar sharks, rays, barracuda, jack fish, eagle rays and sting rays

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Dozens of sharks, rays, schools of barracuda and jacks help make Orimas Thila a fantastic big fish dive. Acting as a nursery and cleaning station for grey reef sharks, this underwater mound will often attract these fish in large numbers that take advantage of the ocean currents and warm waters. Other species of sharks such as leopard and guitar sharks are also commonly seen on the thila, where eagle rays and sting rays also are frequently found. With the site doubling as a nursery, many of the sharks seen are juveniles protected by a small number of often very large females. Orimas is a big hit with rebreather divers who find the sharks come VERY close when the bubbles stop flowing.