Dive Sites

#1 Hani Kandu

Suitable for:

Intermediate level


5m dropping down to 30m in the channel

Expect to see:

Stingrays, eagle rays, napoleons, soft corals and garden eels

Time from Kuredu:

80 minutes

Time from Komandoo:

60 minutes

Time from Hurawalhi:

45 minutes


Hani Kandu is a very small, shallow channel with overhangs dropping from the channel edge. These overhangs are full of yellow and blue soft corals dripping from the roof. Keep a sharp eye out for ghost pipe fish as well. Large napoleons and eagle rays pass by the channel edge, so make sure you keep an eye out in the blue water as well as on the reef. On the shallow channel edge, it's possible to explore the extensive sandy area and see fields of garden eels swaying in the current. Stingrays such as whip tail and feather tail rays can also be found on the sandy bottom.