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Favourite sea creature: Karen has many: Octopus, Juvenile Yellow boxfish, Turtles, hard to pick one. Don’t discriminate! Karen loves to see the smile on people’s faces when they encounter the underwater world for the first time, welcome to her office! Any time in the water…


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After his first dive in Malaysia in 2018, Antony immediately quit his job as bartender to fully commit himself to adventure. Since then he has been working as an instructor in Indonesia, Thailand, Greece and now Maldives. Sharks are his favourites!


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After traveling around Asia, Jean discovered that her true passion is the underwater world so she decided to become dive instructor. She has worked in Thailand for 3 years before moving to the Maldives. Her favourites are nudibranchs and all the small critters.


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Ibrahim studied A-Levels in Bangladesh and subsequently worked as an electrician for four years. He joined Prodivers in 2019.


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Roland completed his dive education in Dominican Republic, where he used to live for 2 years. After that he travelled to greece for one summer season. He loves to teach and guide divers from beginners to experts. His absolute favourite sea creatures are nudi branches…


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Keegan is an ocean and wildlife fanatic. He studied psychology for four years while working in the dive industry as an instructor and boat captain before moving to the Maldives. His favorite Sea creatures include sharks, rays, turtles and nudibranchs.


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She is a passionate traveller who is always keen to get to know new people and places! Curious about the world and all the nature it holds. Underwater she loves seeing rays, pufferfishes and the little tiny boxfishes. Swiss quote: chond de sho guet!


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Ellen’s journey began in the culinary world as she pursued studies to become a chef and worked with a food marketing company in Cape Town. Eager for a change, she now finds joy in her role as a full-time instructor, embracing the ocean as her…


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Lara’s dad taught her to dive at the age of 8 and that’s what started everything. She spent 2 years in Switzerland to finish studies. She now travels around the world diving and doing what she loves while meeting new people and gaining new experiences….


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Before Fuad joined the Prodivers Team on Hurawalhi, he worked as boat crew on Kuredu. He is now one of our Compressor Assistants. Fuad loves diving and is super excited to advance his diving skills. His favourite underwater animal is the thresher shark.