Imogen Follows in Parents’ Fin Kicks with Dive Center Internship

10 Jul 2023

Those of you who dived with us any time between 2002 and 2006, may remember two of our dive instructors, Lisa and Steve Hall from the UK…well, for the past two weeks we have hosted their eldest daughter, Imogen, for her school work experience – not our usual undertaking but since her parents once worked here and are still involved with Prodivers, we were able to pull a few strings and give her this opportunity to follow in their fin kicks!

When Imogen first announced that rather than find a work experience placement in her local area (as is the norm!), she’d like to travel to the Maldives and get an insight into working at a dive center to find out about work as a marine biologist, no one really thought it would be possible, but after she showed continued determination to do this, a plan was put into place… fast-forward a few months and she arrived on the seaplane!

During her dive center internship, we were keen to show Imogen all aspects of the job: behind the scenes she has been helping with the PD shop window displays, cleaning snorkel equipment and replacing mouthpieces on regulators in the workshop. Having already completed her dive theory at home, she did her confined and open water sessions of the PADI Open Water Diver course with us at the start of her stay which meant she could also experience the incredible underwater world and see more of the marine life. The night snorkel tours were a highlight with large nurse sharks and stingrays to be seen. Imogen was able to join numerous snorkel activities, helping teach guests who had never snorkelled before in the lagoon, snorkelling the house reef to see the wreck and visiting different reefs by boat where sharks and turtles were amongst the sightings.

A very special part of Imogen’s stay involved work with the marine biologist from Olive Ridley Project, checking the turtle nests on Kuredu’s beaches and, one night, around full-moon, turtles began emerging from one of the nests! Imogen was able to observe the hatchlings make their way safely to the ocean where they will spend the ‘lost years’ out in the deep ocean before returning to reefs near Kuredu and possibly even nest on our beaches as adults. A few days after hatching, Imogen got to learn about nest excavation and calculating the success rate of the nest. In keeping with the turtle theme, she spent time in the Marine Center learning how to identify turtles as well as joining the ‘Turtle Search‘ tours and a dive to ‘Caves’ where the Maldives’ largest population of green sea turtles are known to reside.

It’s been amazing and I’m so grateful to have had this experience. Thank you to everyone at Prodivers Kuredu for all you have done to welcome me into the team and introduce me to island life! I hope to be back one day!‘ Imogen.

Anyone holidaying at Kuredu can take part in the snorkelling and diving activities, learn about marine life and see the incredible sights as seen by Imogen. If you are a total beginner, our recommendation for your holiday plan is to start with the Discover Snorkelling during your first couple of days to get comfortable in the water, then join some snorkel tours before joining the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program – there’s no course learning or certification for this, just fun and discovery. Those who know in advance they’d like to dive, should enrol in the PADI eLearning Open Water Diver course with Prodivers Kuredu, we will get notification about your progress for the online study you will complete at home and be ready to introduce to the ocean once you arrive, before you know it, you’ll be a qualified diver and ready to encounter sharks, rays, turtles and more!