Instructor Diaries – Mike, the heroic group leader

31 Jan 2012

A change of pace as been seen with Mike this last week, as he has moved on from teaching beginner divers and found himself at the head of a boat full of experience.

Last week Mike took on the very different challenges of leading a Finish dive group. When a dive club or group comes to Prodivers they will usually be allocated one instructor to lead them through our wonderful waters and show them what we have to offer. The Aqua World group, consisting of 11 experienced divers had the pleasure of Mike at their helm, who, conditions and will allowing, guided them on 3 dives a day every day for the next week, in both our own Lhaviyani Atoll and the adjacent Noon Atoll. Whilst leading a group is a great way to get to know your guests and spend a lot of time with them (and perhaps more importantly for them to get to know us) there can also be a lot of pressure on the instructors to deliver the dives we know we can experience in these magnificent waters.

However Mike got of to a great start with a multitude of turtles on our house reef followed by a squadron of 15 Mobula Manta Rays at Caves (the first sightings of such a group in about 3 months) and then 9 Eagle Rays cruising the currents of Kanuhura Corner, along with another plethora of turtles. On their last day he took them on a full day to the south, in search of our Manta Rays and great visibility on the East side where the sea currents continue to bring in cooler, clearer waters.

What is more, Mike’s heroic efforts again proved not to be a sole myth, as he and his group saved a life of a turtle that was caught in a fishing net. The successful rescuing attempt was even filmed – check it out on our Facebook site!

For those of you worried that with these new changes in Mike’s routine he might start to change as a person – don’t worry; he still looses at cards, so the world hasn’t completely turned upside down. All in all, it’s been a great month for Mr. January, even more so because his best mate Kenneth was here on holiday which diverted Mike’s attention from us a little bit and gave his friend the opportunity to catch some new hilarious jokes which he probably hasn’t forgotten yet anyway.

We haven’t revealed to Mike yet that the flattering title ‘Instructor of the Month’ has been given to someone else now, so please keep sending your fan mail to

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