The IDC Diaries – Day 9

29 Sep 2010

After the morning presentations at PADI Specialty Courses and PADI Diver Retention Programs, all participants jumped into the lagoon to do the Open Water Teaching Presentations. The group was almost done with the skills when surprisingly they got interrupted again by an encounter of a manta ray, even bigger than the last one!

A short break after the dive to change tanks and have some tea in the Sai Kotari bar at the end of the jetty came well deserved.

While the group was enjoying the very intense, colorful sunset and the island was slowly disappearing in the dark, another manta ray came along and went crazy on the plankton right in front of the group.

The rich plankton was very promising for the night dive as it produces a beautiful lightshow with its luminescence when the divers switch their torches off and move the water around.