Scooters bring luxury to diving at Hurawalhi

19 Feb 2017

Guests at Hurawalhi Island Resort, Maldives are enjoying the luxury of the new resort so much they’re adding it to their diving too! Divers at our newest dive center are indulging in the luxury of not having to kick their fins to see some of our most phenomenal dive sites – they’re taking underwater scooters for a spin!

Lhaviyani Atoll is blessed with the unusual underwater topography of a number of channels where the ocean currents flow in and out of the atoll, bringing nutrient-rich waters and with it, an abundance of schooling fish and pelagics. The iconic dive type of this atoll is the channel crossing and with the currents flowing they can be the most demanding but also the most rewarding type of dive. Every so often they reward divers with a once-in-a-lifetime type of dive.

Divers who want to have the rewards of these exhilarating dives without the hard work of fin power are in luck – scooters are the way to go. On Hurawalhi they are proving to be the most popular activity we have on offer at the dive center to date.

If you like the idea of diving like a superhero but have never tried it before, join a Scooter (Diver Propulsion Vehicle – DPV) Intro or book onto the PADI DPV (Scooter) Diver Course with one of our experienced instructors and soon you’ll be flying along and wonder how you ever managed before. Discover why Hurawalhi’s divers are taking scooters, see more of the reef, use less air and go places you’ve never been before!