Kuredu’s House Reef is Full of Life!

13 Sep 2010

A few days ago our Instructors Eva and Markus went out to the house reef to document with their underwater camera some of the different kinds of nudibranches that can be found if you look closely.

There are many of these underrated little creatures to discover, especially around the wreck – very often they are so small, that you can see the beauty of their colorful and often extravagant body shapes only with the help of a magnifying glass.  So, as they were focusing on the near distance, Eva and Markus were suddenly very surprised when they came face to face as with 3 stingrays courting under the stern of the wreck!

The female was resting comfortably on the sandy bottom while the two males were dancing enthusiastically around, showing off and trying to win her attention… Of course Eva and Markus started taking pictures of the budding romance and left the nudibranches for the moment as they where unlikely to go anywhere very fast….

To complete the dive, a small white tip reef shark cruised past – another interesting morning on the house reef with small and big highlights alike!