Night Diving at Reefs Around Kuredu

09 Nov 2016

There is something mysterious and very alluring about night diving. At Kuredu Prodivers, we understand that you wish to make the most of your time at the resort and squeeze in as many dives as possible. Luckily, the proximity of the house reef and many other dive sites that are within easy reach by boat makes Kuredu an ideal place for you to see what lurks beneath the water surface at night.

Even if you have hundreds or thousands of dives under your belt, you may not necessarily ever had a chance to watch the reef come to life under the glow of your dive light at night. The scene changes completely as day creatures retire and nocturnal marine life emerges. Even sites that you have dived at before will look new!

What can you expect to see during your night dive on Kuredu’s house reef? Lobsters and octopuses may come out of their holes at night to feed, and keep your fingers crossed for reef sharks and swimming moray eels, too. The area around the house reef wreck is particularly interesting as you can see the massive napoleon wrasses enjoying their nap inside the wreck. When back at the reef, keep your eyes peeled for parrotfish – when it’s bed time, they snuggle into a mucus cocoon that keeps them safe from parasites, scientists say. Hunting snappers are aplenty, too! What makes Kuredu’s house reef especially fantastic is its macro life: Donald Duck shrimps, sponge crabs, emperor shrimps, spider crabs, nudibranchs and flatworms, huge snails, different types of squid, such as the pygmy squid, and other beautiful and rare species.

And the best thing about night diving? Shutting off your torch and dancing with the bioluminescent plankton!

Night diving requires some planning and special considerations, so if you have never dived after the sun sets, we will be happy to organise a guided house reef night dive. For those wanting to experience even better night diving, the famous Kuredu Caves is simply spectacular at night!