Hammerhead on Nakolhu Giri!

24 Oct 2012

A couple of days ago, when Mike went in the water to do the current check on Nakolhu Giri, he climbed back on the boat very excited and immediately told Alex about having seen the tail of a really big shark unfortunately though he couldn’t tell what it was. Both instructors were really keen to get in the water as soon as possible to maybe be lucky enough to see the big shark again during the dive.

Mike, once again, was the lucky one when he turned around during his safety stop and suddenly spotted a 3.5 meter Hammerhead Shark about 8-10 meters away from him! What a great end to a dive!

If you wonder why you don’t see a Hammerhead Shark on the picture but a hawkfish: As Nakolhu Giri is famous for its mantis shrimps, hawkfish and porcelain crabs and therefore ideal for macro photography, nobody expected to see anything bigger than a grouper and therefore wasn’t prepared for this sighting. Of course that was the perfect moment for a big fish to show up… Even though nobody took a picture we thought this was special enough to bring it up on our blog to share this moment with you!