Halimeda Crab on Kuredu House Reef

14 Aug 2011

On the 29 of July, four Prodivers staff, Jenna, Swen, Karin and Michael, went on a lunch break dive on the Housereef. While searching for a Halimeda Ghost Pipefish amongst the leaves of the Halimeda algae, Jenna stumbled across a strange moving piece of algae.

At first we all were confused as to what it might have been and the closer we looked the more it resembled a small crab. We took some photographs of it and after the dive we found out it was a Halimeda Crab.

The Halimeda Crab (Huenia heraldica) is a species of Arrowhead Crab. This crab likes to decorate its body with the living leaves of the Halimeda algae. The crabs green body along with the algae attached to it makes it virtually impossible to spot.

This was by far the most interesting and rare find for a casual lunch break dive.