Meet the Guvnor!

11 Oct 2012

Kuredu Caves is a very special site. Located on a stretch of collapsed out reef, just off the northern side of Kuredu Island Resort and Spa it provides home to a large number of Green Sea Turtles. Usually solitary animals’ Caves provides a unique opportunity to see a large number of turtles up close and in their natural habitat.

The community is very healthy and seems to be continually growing – which is no surprise given the number of turtles that nest on Kuredu during the year. However this means that Caves is getting very crowded with some turtles choosing to use coral bushes to sleep in and others fighting for the best over hangs.

For a chance to win a free Prodivers T-shirt and to receive some exclusive content of Caves and our turtle courses email us your guesses for how many turtles you think we will see between 10th Oct – 27th Oct when we dive Caves. We will announce the winner at this years Birmingham Dive Show, where yo can find us at stand PV34.

Key Facts about Caves and our turtles:

  • 5 species of turtles that are known to visit Maldivian waters; Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Olive Ridleys and Loggerheads
  • Green and Hawksbills Turtles can be found at Kuredu Caves
  • From Caves the turtles swim out to local reefs and lagoon where they can be seen feeding on the seagrass patches and reefs.
  • As well as Turtles, Eagle Rays, Mobula Manta Rays, Reef Manta Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Leaf Fish and Tuna are all commonly seen at Caves
  • A night dive at Caves offers a great chance to see an array of Moray Eels, Nudibrachs, Flat Worms and Shrimps, as well as the Turtles

It truly is an amazing dive site.