Kuredu Guitar Shark Fever

09 May 2015

Last week guests had an exhilarating first underwater experience with Prodivers on Kuredu. While completing their orientation dive on Kuredu House Reef they spotted 4 Guitar Sharks not more than 6m deep. Not long after the House Reef was filled with Prodivers team, divers and snorkelers admiring these animals. Again a lucky treat after seeing 5 Guitar Sharks on a full day snorkel site “Akiri Faru” just a few weeks ago.

Seeing this many together was a truly rare and unique find as they are known to be solitary animals and only found in larger numbers during courtship, they also only mate once a year and are monogamous animals that eventually give live birth to their young.

Guitar sharks are a midway in the sharks-to-ray evolution chain, and are completely harmless. Their mouth, found on their underside, allows them to bottom feed and exploit that food niche, where their tails remained the shape of a shark’s enabling them to swim in a similar style.

Rare sightings such as these always are a highlight for our guests and Prodivers team, and this was no exception, with all the guests leaving with a very big smile at the end of the day.