Guitar Shark encounter at Velagali

28 Jul 2016

The conditions were perfect, when Sebastjan, Charlotte & Lisa got ready for their second dive at Velagali Thila: blue water, good visibility and a big school of bannerfish were waiting for the three divers. This small but beautiful reef lies only 10 minutes northwest of Lily Beach. It has many small overhangs abundant with fish life. Schools of fusiliers and bannerfish surround the thila whilst jack fish and mackerels can be seen hunting on the top reef – it’s an unbelievable reef with different sightings every time.

The lucky divers did not expect to see what was about appear – from the deeper areas of the thila, from behind the big school of bannerfish, there came a big Guitar Shark. It’s not the first time that this rare visitor has been spotted at Velagali Thila. It seems he visits from time to time to show off and ensure his encounters with divers are unforgettable.

A big thank you to Sebastjan, who shared his footage with us. It was very nice to dive with you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.