The more the merrier

01 Nov 2011

The two avid groups that were here in October and Billy’s group who still have a couple of dives ahead of them, have proven that diving on Kuredu is addictive. Cosy Cuddly Divers (CCD), The Woolfies and Billy’s divers did a total of 500 dives over 10 days!

Quite a few divers from CCD & The Woolfies have been diving with us before and since nothing beats diving with friends, they just needed to talk their buddies into coming along this year. The CCD group were guided and entertained by our instructor Muin who knows the dives sites around Kuredu like the back of his hand so he knew exactly where to take them for relaxing fun dives. Ben, chargé d’affaires for The Woolfies, had a blast himself being able to dive Lhaviyani and Noon’s best sites with a group always ready for action-packed dives.

As we speak, Billy’s group is getting ready for another days diving. The group of 7 divers have been guided by Sebastjan and they admitted they had done some of the most amazing dives of their lives over the last week.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in organizing a dive holiday for your friends or your dive club, as you could be entitled to a better price for your diving, plus we can tailor it in a way that suits your desired tempo and interests best!