Goodbye Jinhee & Benjamin

02 Nov 2016
Lily Beach Prodivers

During the last few weeks we saw not only a change in the weather patterns, we also had to say goodbye to two of our Prodivers Lily Beach Team Members.

We are sad that two of our instructors are moving on to new challanges – Jinhee and Benjamin will first go back home to spend some time with their friends and family. Jinhee’s future plans are to continue travelling and writing for her travel blog. Benjamin will enjoy the upcoming winter season back home in France, helping out in the family business and following his other passion – skiing.

A big thank-you to both of them for being such great colleagues. Everyone whom they took diving to the stunning dive sites around Lily Beach came back with a huge smile and a promise to return to Lily one day again! Perhaps Jinhee and Benjamin will return one day too!