Good bye Andy…

13 Aug 2010

Andy started his career at Prodivers Kuredu as a scuba diving instructor at the beginning of 2006, and was a valuable member of our team for almost 4 years.

Andy is a dedicated CCR Diver (Closed Circuit Rebreather) and was always happy to grab the opportunity to dive with the ‘unit’, as well as answering any question about the this silent world of diving.

Andy has left the team and headed off to Macau, where he will join forces with Liam, another ex-Prodivers staff, working on Franco Dragone’s multi-million dollar production ‘House of Dance and Water’.  Before his departure, Andy wished to have one last trip to the Noonu Atoll to enjoy once more the peace and silence of diving without bubbles…

A Final Trip to Orimas Thila

The day started off well when the group saw spotted a Manta Ray right in front of Sai Kotari.  While crossing the channel to the Noonu Atoll, several pilot whales appeared not far away from the boat! Of course everybody jumped into the water immediately to get the chance to snorkel with them face to face!  Just after the group arrived in the Noonu Atoll, some Dolphins showed up and guided the boat for a while.

The first dive at Orimas Thila was stunning, with Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Sailfish and so much more. Due to the lack of bubbles, the fish came really close to the rebreather divers. 2 stingrays in particular proved to be even more curious than the divers as they circled above the group. Even the sharks’ curiosity rose as they came for a close inspection.

The ‘Orimas Chronicles’ – 4 short movies

This was a great chance for the photographers to take some really nice pictures as well as for our Videographer Darren to capture the dive on film.  The highlights, which are too many to fit on one short movie, can be found in the ‘Last 7 Days’ section of our video gallery.  Keep checking back over the next few days as we update the installments of the “Orimas Chronicles”.

It was an excellent trip in the Noonu Atoll for all of us and we are happy that Andy leaves with such good memories.

All The Very Best!

Andy will be a member of the Dragone Theatre Team in Macau, “The City of Dreams”, where the spectacular “House of Dancing Water” is taking place. He is looking forward to this new challenge and to life together with Mayden in Macau itself.

The Prodivers Team wishes Andy and his wife Mayden a fantastic start in Macau and all the very best for the future. We will miss you!