Gina – 1500 Dives and still going strong!

10 Dec 2012

This week Prodivers have one of their longest running repeaters staying with them, Gina Schuurman. It is Gina’s 27th visit to Prodivers and on the 27th of November she completed her 1500th dive on Muda Thila! Clocking up 1500 dives is a very impressive feat in itself, but what makes it extra special is that of those 1500 dives, over 1250 of them have been with Prodivers, now that’s just incredible. That is more dives with Prodivers than any other guest. The PD instructors would probably have to work here for 4 years to reach that level, and even then they may be short.

So Prodivers would like to say a big congratulations, and thank you to Gina, now bring on the next 1500!