Ghost Pipefish at the Lily Beach House Reef

01 Oct 2017

These little visitors at the Lily Beach house reef will make underwater photographers’ hearts beat a little faster.

For the last few weeks the Lily Beach Prodivers team have been happy to find that some ornate ghost pipe fish have made their home at the house reef. So far they have spotted two couples, one pair are yellow/green and one pair are black with yellow and orange spots. The ornate ghost pipefish, also known as harlequin ghost pipefish, get their name due to their unusual external features and colours.

Some of Lily Beach’s guests captured some pictures of two ghost pipefish couples hiding in feather stars or little overhangs at a depth of just 14 metres.

The Lily Beach Prodivers team would be happy to show you these little weird but wonderful creatures on a relaxed house reef dive. Everyone is hoping they will stay longer in their new home on the beautiful house reef.

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