Getting excited about Seagrass..

23 Jul 2010

Seagrass Ghost Pipe Fish that is!

Markko had just finished a confined water dive with Golan and Per as part of his Open Water Course, when he stumbled across 2 little ghost pipe fish.

After having completed their skills, Markko headed off for a swim with his students in front of the house reef hut. On their way back to the steps Markko suddenly spotted two pieces of sea grass, moving in a strange way… When he took a closer look it didn’t take him long to clarify that the two pieces of  seagrass were in fact Seagrass Ghost Pipe Fish!

The two little creatures were  just 10cm tall and were doing a great job of mimicking a piece of grass, helping to ensure they remained well hidden from predators.

On the picture you can see them swimming face down – their preferred position.  If you take a closer look, you can even spot the eyes and mouth.

It is always great for us if we can show such special animals during the students Open Water Course!