Kuredu Goes Star Wars: Full Face Mask Diving

16 Aug 2015
dive the maldives

You will know by now that Kuredu Prodivers are a fun-loving bunch. We like to pretend to be are superheroes when buzzing along and over the reefs on underwater scooters. We use rebreathers to come face to face with the jawesome reef sharks (seen Terry’s movie yet?). And as soon as Staffan brings in some funky diving accessories, we’re in!

Our 6-time repeater, Mike Haxby, took on a challenge to experience full face mask diving, and earned himself the flattering ‘first to complete the Full Face Mask Specialty with Kuredu Prodivers’ title. After the course, he did another 12 dives with it.

But why use a full face mask in the first place? Well, why not!

It is a combination of mask and regulator in a single unit and allows a wide field of vision and the ability to breath through the nose. In cold and dirty diving conditions (irrelevant, we know!), the biggest plus is excellent coverage and protection. Another cool add-on is a communication system (additional training is required – over), which Mike also tried out. Swen swore to Jenna he could hear Mike mumble the Star Wars theme!

We look forward to welcoming Mike and Angela to our galaxy not that far, far away.