Froggie mania now also on Vakaru

18 Mar 2012

March seems to be a good time for spotting frogfish, as it started with Kuredu staff finding two baby ones on the house reef and now Antonio spotted three (!) on the same dive at the Khudimaa Wreck near Machafushi island.

Froggie Prodivers Vakaru Maldives

The wreck is always surrounded by batfish, pufferfish, lionfish and bursting with macro subjects and although one can always expect something special and extraordinary when diving in the Maldives, there’s few divers that wouldn’t be overly excited by a frogfish sighting.

They’re undoubtedly on most divers’ must see lists. If you haven’t been lucky enough, have a look at Antonio’s photos and keep your eyes wide open for these rare masters of camouflage next time you go diving with us!

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