Again one of the hardest to spot fish in the sea!

17 May 2012

Aquarium is a site that many of our guests enjoy;  its sheltered location, and ample fish life make it a prime choice for beginners, courses and for the more experienced diver when the weather conspires against us.

A popular spot for the rarely sighted Guitar Shark/Ray, with huge amounts of schooling fish; in particular banner fish, fusiliers and snappers and hunting jacks and occasional tuna cruising past to add to the excitement. Now we have one more friend to add to the list. A Frogfish.

Spotted by two of our staff members on Saturday this little red froggy is to be found at 24m – a little beyond the limits of our student divers but provides a tantalizing treat for our advanced divers.

It’s hard to keep these things quiet for long and already on the Sunday we have two more boats heading out in search of these strange little creatures. With a bit of luck he will choose to hang around and continue to provide our lucky guests with the rare opportunity to see one of the hardest to spot fish in the sea!

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