Frog Fish Found on The Shipyard

08 Jun 2010

It has taken us around 8 weeks to confirm that there is a Frog Fish on The Shipyard, but we are finally able to say we have done it!

Following on from the discovery by Mueen and his dive group in the middle of April, we have been busily trying to find the well hidden critter again, but alas to no avail.

You would expect that something approximately 30cm in size would be quite easy for us to find!

Indeed, the only proof that the group did actually see one, is this photo – taken by one of our guests, Paula Schilling.

The weekly wreck dive boat that heads out of Kuredu, made 6 unsuccessful trips to The Shipyard trying to find it again before Mueen was once again put on the job.  And needless to say, he yet again found the black Frog Fish!

There is a black Frog Fish on The Shipyard.

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