Frog Fish at Kudhima Wreck

15 Jul 2012

A change in the weather saw a deterioration in the usual excellent dive conditions, however always prepared Prodivers took their guests to a site that is able to provide excellent dives even in less than perfect conditions, Kudhima Wreck. A site close to Vakarufalhi where it is possible to find nice stuff as leaf fish, frog fish and nudibranch, as well as the wreck itself. A good site even with poor light, it is an ideal choice for such conditions.

In two days Prodivers went 3 times to the wreck. With each time has being better then the previous one. So bad were the conditions on the surface its amazing how fantastic the dive underwater could be. During the first dive several kinds of nudibranch and a small red frog fish were spotted. However the real surprise occurred during the last dive when a nudibranch was caught “walking” on the frog fish. An amazing site.

Nudibranche Kudhima Wreck Vakarufalhi Maldives

The divers were already happy when initially we saw two nudibranch near the frog fish and provided a great photo opportunity. Possibly disturbed by all the attention the Nudi’s started to move. Incredibly one of them literally walked on the frog fish. Using a Nikon P7100 the guide was able to capture more than 30 pictures in just a few seconds!

In few of them you can even see the frog fish with its mouth open!

Very satisfied with the dives it goes along way to remind us that the good weather or perfect conditions are not necessary to have fun underwater. You just have to put your head underwater and enjoy the incredible underwater world.

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