Fresh Air ( Gut Luft ) on Komandoo

03 Dec 2013

At  PRODIVERS Dive Center  on Komandoo  island resort we have been awarded the highly recognized BAUER PURE AIR STATION CERTIFICATION DIN EN 12021

This is given after a thorough check conducted by BAUER certified technicians who perform an analysis of the quality of the air given by the High Pressure Bauer compressor. The levels of water, CO, CO2 and oil in the air have been found far below the minimum stated by the certification standards. This is not the only requirement to achieve that goal, but also the filters used must be original sealed BAUER and the maintenance services performed every five hundred hours must be done by BAUER qualified technicians, using only BAUER original spare parts.

The compressor system at PRODIVERS Komandoo also is equipped with the BAUER

B-KOOL system, which removes a large proportion of the humidity of the air, before it reaches the purification system.

This guarantees a more than perfect quality of the gas to be breathed while diving at PRODIVERS Komandoo Island Resort.

Come to the MALDIVES to dive with us and try it yourself!!