Don’t Miss Out February On Komandoo

03 Mar 2012

During the last three weeks, Komandoo divers have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy, once again, plenty of marine life encounters. We would like to share this with you.

The number of Grey Reef Sharks is basically, uncountable, probably by the hundreds. This fascinating creatures have been seen in places like, Fushivaru Kandu and Corner, Felivaru Kandu, Orimas Thila, Kahlifushifaru Corner and, of course, Kuredu Express.

Marcel and all his day divers saw a Great Hammer Head Shark while diving in Zafari. Not bad eh!? We also have counted five Nurse Sharks during several dives at Peak, Maa Giri South and Fun Giri. Some of them rather large, up to four meters!! There was a Leopard Shark in Kahlifushifaru Corner. Mantas and Mobulas have been around since November, but yesterday we had a few ones in Fushivaru area and Bodu Giri too! Three Mobulas passed by at the Caves during the second dive of the two tank excursion. It also happened during that dive, that four Sting Rays where performing their mating rituals surrounded by the omnipresent Green Turtles. And to finish with, on Komandoo lagoon we had an exceptional visitor. An Ornate Eagle Ray (Aetomylaesus verspertilio) roamed in there for a while, early one morning last week.

Ah! Almost forgot! We also had an interesting visitor for a week on Komandoo. That was a Pelican! OK, not really a sea dweller, but quite a rare creature to see around in the Maldives. He stayed about a week around the lagoon and wave breakers, probably showing the Herons “how to easily fish”. One morning we woke up and suddenly, he was gone.

A special “Thank you” to all our repeater guests visiting us on Komandoo during February and joining us for all those great dives. The past month about 50 % of our divers have been with us before and some of them have been coming here for years! For us, this is something special as well!

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