Komandoo Instructors share their favourite dive sites – Part Two: Steffi

23 Oct 2017

Maldives Scuba Diving

Diving Instructors at Prodivers Komandoo were asked to share what their favourite dive sites are – it’s a tough question considering the variety of sites and abundance of life under the waves of the Lhaviyani Atoll. In the last instalment Marek shared his personal favourite, this time Steffi is in the spotlight…

What’s your favourite dive site and why?
“This is a question I’m asked a lot and it’s never an easy one to answer – so many sites, so many amazing things to see, and one site is never the same two days in a row! If I had to pick one favourite though, it would be Latheef. The topography is amazing – a steep wall with large overhangs at several depths that make the dive very dramatic; I occasionally have sightings of nurse sharks or stingrays resting there. A great site for macro where, not seldom, I found rare nudibranchs, different types of ghost pipefish, leaf fish and many kinds of morays such as snowflake, bare tail and yellow mouth. Latheef is a must for every macro photographer! By looking out into the blue there’s a chance to see some big guys like tuna, mobula rays, eagle rays, sharks and napoleon wrasses. I once had a big pod of dolphins passing by and I’ve also seen an ornate eagle ray here, this is a site where you should expect the unexpected!” – Steffi

Two instructors, two very different dive sites as their favourites. It goes without saying that different divers like different things, one may love to spot little critters on the reef whilst another might happily gaze endlessly into the blue in the hope of catching a glimpse of ‘something big’. The next Komandoo instructor to share all is David – check back in a couple of weeks to find out what he said.