Komandoo Instructors share their favourite dive sites – Part One: Marek

09 Oct 2017

Maldives Scuba Diving

Prodivers’ Dive Instructors live an enviable existence – they get to dive in one of the World’s top diving destinations every day, what most people call a hobby, they call their job and their enthusiasm is contagious amongst the guests. The dive sites of the Lhaviyani Atoll are many and varied, and each and every one of them has something to write home about. Komandoo’s team of instructors were asked what their favourite dive sites are and why – it’s a question they are asked A LOT, and here’s what Marek said:

What’s your favourite dive site and why?
“With so much variety it’s a tough question but for me it’s Felivaru Kandu – it’s a relatively shallow channel (compared to others) with a beautiful white sand dune across it that gives this place a nice ambience. An anchor that stands up right inside the channel catches my view every time since it functions as a cleaning station for a big school of barracudas that sometimes stands right above it. I love to dive this site on a scooter because I can move more freely inside the channel, which sometimes ends with a surprise such as my first sighting of a bowmouth guitar shark this year! There are different kinds of stingrays including Jenkins, porcupine, marble and whiptail; they sometimes hover on the ledge like magic carpets – what a view! Grey reef sharks and eagle rays can usually be seen here too and they always spice up the dive.” –  Marek

Every dive on every site is different – currents change, creatures move and favourites may, over time, change too. Listen to a group of divers in the bar discussing ‘the best dive site’ and it’s likely to be a hotly debated subject! Find out in the next instalment which site gets Steffi’s vote.